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Projects of New Humanity

The NGO New Humanity promotes various projects with international dimensions, promoting above all themes of fraternity, active citizenship and of solidarity.

New Humanity carries out its projects in collaboration with its Represented Organisations and participates in programmes: of the European Commission, in particular in the youth area; of the UN, in particular in the sphere of youth projects of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and of the Council of Human Rights; and of UNESCO.

Main projects currently in progress

Youth Dice
promoting the empowerment of young people in the EU to become driving forces in their own personal and professional development contributing to social cohesion and inclusive growth.

Cayrus will highlight the use of the arts inspiring creative activism on behalf of human rights. The Project central event will be the Living Peace Festival in El Cairo (4-6 of May 2015).

United World Project
The project asks each member of society to make a commitment to live in first person for fraternity, contributing to the diffusion of this culture around the world.

Let's Colour the City
to develop in teenagers the commitment to the building of a better society, through the golden rule “do unto others what you would have others do unto you”.

Projects Archieve

Sharing with Africa
propone a sharing experience linked to the community spirit of “Ubuntu", a typical formula of  African culture, translatable as: “I am, because we are”.

Let's Bridge
to motivate and qualify young people, through the attainment of those key skills crucial for individual development, social inclusion and active citizenship.

Learning Fraternity
is the important Education conference-workshop which took place in CastelGandolfo (Rome) from 6th to 8th September 2013. “Education and Globalization” and “Education and Relation” were the two themes which were addressed in a variety of stands and workshops.

A United Europe for a United World - Young Ideas change Europe
to stimulate commitment of European Youth in civic life together with collaborators from the EU and around the world.


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