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#FraterniTALES: Participate and and become an "Ambassador of the United World"!

UWP the contest#FraterniTALES Contest by the United World Project

If you are a young person aged between 18 and 24 who is actively involved in building a more united world, then please share with us your #FraterniTALES, your vision of the united world, and your experience, until the 1st March 2018.

The jury in charge will choose the 30 most trustworthy candidates who will have access to a training course that will end in Manila at the Genfest (6-8 July 2018).


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African youth contribute to the future of their continent

Seminar Nairobi Back to Africa3-7 January 2018, Nairobi (Kenya)

First Seminar of the project "Come Back to Africa"

The first seminar of the New Humanity project "Back to Africa" was coordinated by a group of students and young graduates, with the support of experts from the Movement Politics & Policies for Unity and the Sophia University Institute for higher education. The goal of the seminar was to develop a program and the education strategies of the entire project, going forward.

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Host-Spot Presentation

Desalvo in Jordan 2Freedom of expression, the free flow of information, and freedom and pluralism of the media have internationally been acknowledged as human rights. However, after the Arab Spring, in the MENA region, this fundamental human right has been frequently restricted. In addition, EU leaders are facing a European refugee crisis, where, first of all the citizens of the European Union must have a deep awareness of the real struggling refugees face, both prior and after the ‘landing’ to the EU soil and both in their countries and during their displacement.

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Breaking Rays Project: "Young Reporters for Change"

Project Presentation

 Base banner Breaking rays 2Summary:

The project "Breaking Rays" will be implemented by 10 organizations both from EU MS and partner countries, involving 4 different continents.

In the light of high unemployment rates youth is facing nowadays worldwide, there is an economic as well as a personal cost: young people are not being allowed to work to their full potential and this could often lead to vulnerability and social disengagement of a generation full of energy that should contribute to inclusive growth in their countries.

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Back to Africa: Summary of the Project

“Back to Africa” – Training Paths to Empower New Leaders for a New Africa

 Back to Africa presentationDuration: January 2018 - December 2020 (3 years)

General Objective: Contributing to the strengthening of civil society and African politics as the Agenda 2063 goals

Specific Objectives:
• Contribute to the integral formation (social, civil, ethical, political) of young African leaders to encourage the growth of a new ruling class prepared for change
• Create a permanent space for training, information, etc. of young people at regional level
• Develop a network of adults and young people committed to change

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Genfest Project

GENFEST 2018 "Beyond all Borders"

  Banner Genfest 20186-7-8 July 2018, Manila (Philippines)

The Genfest 2018 is a meeting of thousands of youth from all over the world, from different ethnicities, cultures, and religions, driven by the idea that the construction of a more united world is already an experience of life and social action.

The Genfest 2018 is an occasion for exchanging ideas on economy, art, environment, social realities and intercultural dialogue. It is an invitation to build bridges of fraternity and contribute to breaking barriers of indifference, prejudice, egoism.

Born in 1973 as the brainchild of Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare Movement, the will reach its 11th edition
 on july 6-8 2018 in Manila (the Philippines).

"BEYOND ALL BORDERS”. It wants to highlight some boundaries to be even a more united and sympathetic world, which the young people the boundaries of egoism, prejudices, fear of the future, superficiality indifference, consumerism, wars, disinformation, and inequalities.

This "going beyond" borders means inspiring young people, real actors of change, to open their minds and hearts to the great global challenges that they are called to face together, both locally and internationally. That's why the program wants to help overcome walls and barriers:

Highlighting the importance of individual work on "oneself", empowered by sharing their limits and aspirations with others;
Offering best practices, tools and projects in which groups and communities cooperate to provide young people with real perspectives of engagement for an incisive and sustainable


Promoting Organisation

New Humanity International NGO
Youth for a United World


More information

pdf Power Point Presentation Genfest 2018 (2.08 MB)

pdf Genfest 2018 Short Summary (549 KB)


International Projects - NEST

NEST – Networking Europe through Skills Transfer

Logo NESTKey-Words: Education, Solidarity, Project Manajement, Social and Political engagement

Leading Partner: Associazione la Pira Onlus (IT)

Goal of the project:

a) To improve, stimulate and implement the growth of professional skills of the staff, to strengthen the development of innovative processes and the external impact of one’s organization with the goal of transferring approaches and methodologies to different social actors which operate on the same territory on which the organization operates, in order to let the external impact then become more and more tangible and concrete

b) To develop innovative and creative practices, to use new digital and informatic tools in order to facilitate and increase sharing of experiences and best practices.

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"5 W" to report the results obtained from the initial phase of the project "Breaking Rays"

29 June - 7 July 2017, Castelgandolfo

"Breaking Rays", First Phase

Breaking rays Italy 2At the conclusion of nine intense days together, the participants of the Breaking Rays project (consisting of 3 phases: in Italy, Brazil and Philippines, respectively) write "It was a profound and sincere experience based on building true relationships, which clearly showed how, also in a technical context like this, true human values are the key of everything".

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Madaba: What Marco Desalvo Experienced in Meeting Groups of Refugees in Jordan

"The suffering we encountered made us feel 'one' with them, making us feel like world citizens."

“Project HOST SPOT", August 7-19, 2016

Desalvo in JordanFor 12 days in August, Marco Desalvo, President of New Humanity, together with 55 young people from various European and Middle Eastern countries participated in the first phase of “Project Host Spot" that took place at the reception center for refugees in Madaba, Jordan.  Ten Non-Governmental Organizations from 9 countries including New Humanity promote this project. Erasmus+, a program of the European Union to offer opportunities for European students to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad, co-funds the project.
Mr. Desalvo shared his impressions with us at the end of this intense experience.

HOST SPOT Page on Facebook

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Madaba: The Project by the Youth of New Humanity and Caritas Jordan has been started

"Host Spot" Project

7 - 19 August 2016

Lancio Host SpotThey come from Jourdan, Ireland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Palestine and Germany the 53 youg people which started yesterday their adventure whith the "Host Spot" Project. The initiative is organised by Caritas Jordan, New Humanity and other 7 organisations at the refugee camp of Madaba (Jordan) and is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme.

There are many Young people from New Humanity participating into this project. Mr Marco Desalvo, President of New Humanity, is attending as well.

Follow the Project form the facebook page of Caritas Jordan

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International Projects: We are looking for Youh Volunteers for an Experience into a Jourdan Refugee Camps

Leave alone your TV, spend your Summer into an Hot Spots managed by Caritas Jordan

7-19 August 2016

Host SpotThe present refugee crisis in Europe, the importance of Social Media in order to promote a culture for dialogue and promotion of human rights, the need to have a deep awareness about the real daily difficulties of refugees,...are the main reasons leading to Jourdan a group of Youth people of New Humanity and other organisations form 9 European and Middle Eastern Countries. They will live an experience of voluntary work at the refugees' hot spots managed by Caritas Jordan, from the 7 to the 19 August 2016.

Join them, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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