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The Activities' Archieve of New Humanity

How far we have come since the foundation of "International Bureau of Economy and Work"! Let's run through the most important activities that have characterised these 30 years of New Humanity work.

1987-1999|| The start journey begins

2000-2010|| The dawning of the third millennium

2011-2015|| Word spreads

2016-2017|| History day by day

1987-1999. The start journey begins

BIEL 11986, June- The "International Bureau of Economy and Work" is founded.

1987 - The "International Bureau of Economy and Work" obtains Special Consultative Status (Italian) with the United Nation Social and Economic Council (ECOSOC).

1987 - First participation of the "International Bureau of Economy and Work" in a UN Conference - specifically, the International Conference about on Disarmament.

1988 - The "International Bureau of Economy and Work", in its second appearance at the International Conference about the Disarmament, presented an Appeal to the UN General Secretary for "a United World".

November 1995 - The "International Bureau of Economy and Work" assumes its current name of "New Humanity".

Chiara Lubich (right) receives UNESCO Peace Prize1996 - Paris. UNESCO awarded its Prize for Peace for 1996 to Chiara Lubich, New Humanity's Founder and President of the focolare Movement.

March 1998 - Hyde Park, New York. New Humanity is one of the promoters of a pdf "Proposition for a World Consortium for Raw Materials" between oil exporting and importing Countries, in order to insulate the price of oil from marketfluctuations with the price being agreed together by these Countries.

May 1999 - Araceli, Brazil. New Humanity launched a proposal -  pdf Supporting a new economy of communion (Italian) - to increase economic action in communion and thereby "tackle the urgent challenges facing mankind in the next millennium".

Economia di Comunione e libertà alle Nazioni Unite2000-2010. Dawning of the third millennium

August 2000 - New Humanity staged a workshop entitled the “Economy of Communion in Freedom” at the United Nations to coincide with the annual conference of NGO’s associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information.

2001/ 2002 - New Humanity participated in the Financing for Development Preparation Committee meetings with economic experts from various countries, and published a statement in support of the conference in favor of a fund to help tackle poverty among the young in developing countries.

June 2001 - New Humanity organized a conference on the economy in Genoa, Italy in anticipation of the G8 summit; over 1,000 people attended.
At the close, Youth for a United World presented the Genoa Declaration (Italian). Its results were used as a basis for New Humanity’s participation in an ECOSOC conference in Copenhagen. (see below)

Conferenza su Economia di Comunione e libertàDecember 2001 - A conference on economics and the Economy of Communion and Freedom was held at the UNESCO facilities in Paris as part of the MOST program with 500 participants.

December 2001 - New Humanity staged a workshop on international economics to tie in with the 53rd Annual United Nations DPI/NGO Conference Global Solidarity, its title: The Way to Peace and International Cooperation.

April 2002 - Participation in the Second World Assembly on Aging in Madrid. During the week-long event, NH sponsored 3 workshops, made an oral presentation to the assembly, and participated in discussions and comments on the final report.
Participation in the NGO Commission on Aging, and the NGO Commission on the Family.

Sessione Speciale dellAssemblea Generale sui BambiniMay 2002 - Participation in the Special Session of the General Assembly on Children, and N.H. youth held a side event together with the youth of several other NGOs.
Presentations by youth members have taken place at the meetings of the Commission on Human Rights in Geneva.

June 2002 - Copenhagen, Denmark. A New Humanity representative participated in the United Nations Expert Group Meeting,National and International Cooperation for Social Development, and collaborated in drafting the report prepared by this group of experts.

October 2004- Geneva. On the occasion of the "International Day for the Fight against Poverty", in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, N. H. organised a seminar about “Poverty and development from the perspective of reciprocity: The proposal of the Economy of Communion. Mr Alberto Ferrucci, President of New Humanity and entrepreneur, presented also  pdf the Economy of Communion Experience .

Status Consultivo Generale a New HumanityFebruary 2005 - "General Consultative Status" is conferred upon New Humanity by the United Nations Organisation.

February 2005 - Geneva. New Humanity presents two written statements to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, about Human Rights:  pdf Promotion and protection of Human Rights and  pdf The Right to Development and the Principle of Fraternity .

March 2005 - At the Economic and Social Council NGO Forum on “Millennium Development Goals” New Humanity presented a talk on mutual interdependence, brotherhood, and mutual reciprocity as a guest speaker at the forum. pdf The vision of N. H. at the ECOSOC NGO Forum about Millennium Development Goals .

March 2005 - At the Preparatory Meeting on Sustainable Development, New Humanity made a presentation at a side event organized together with the Holy See mission to the United Nations, the Financing for Development Office, and two Non-Governmental Organizations, AVSI and Pax Romana.

61 sessione della Commissione per i Diritti UmaniMarch/ April 2005 - Geneva. On the occasion of the 61st United Nations  Commission on Human Rights, N.H. presented two written declarations entitled: "the Right to Develop and the Fraternity Principle“ and "Terrorism and Human Rights."

May 2005 - Geneva. Celebrating the UN "International Year for Sport and Physical Education", New Humanity organized at the "Palais des Nations" a seminar entitled: pdf Sport: a universal instrument for development and peace building . The event was prepared in collaboration with its associate “Sportmeet” and with the participation of university professors and UN and international NGO personalities.

May 2005 - New York. New Humanity sponsored a round table in Hyde Park, New York, open to the public, on Disarmament and International Security with the participation among others of the United Nations Under-Secretary General for Disarmament Affairs.

Run4Unity sport sviluppo e paceJuly 2005 – Geneva. During the activities of the Subcommittee of Human Rights Promotion and Protection, New Humanity presented the document:  pdf The Economy of Communion Project and the fight against poverty .

October 2005 - Run4Unity, Sports Development and Peace. The Youth for Unity Movement held Run4Unity a relay run through all the time zones of the world. The United Nations Office for Sports Development and Peace endorsed the event.

November 2005 - N.H. participated in the "World Summit on the Information Society" (WSIS) in Tunis with a stand and presenting an internet and satellite system to enable medical consultations to be performed between Europe and the most remote and disadvantaged African regions. N.H. collaborates to the translation of the  pdf Final Documents of WSIS .

2006 World Day of Cultural Difference and Dialogue for developmentJanuary 2006 – Geneva. On the occasion of the Meeting of Catholic Organisations with Major Engagement in Response to HIV and AIDS,
New Humanity presented its  pdf New Cultural Model: Reciprocity in the Treatment of HIV/AIDS, applied to the projects for the prevention and care of HIV/AIDS patients, in collaboration with Medicine,Dialogue and Communion Association.

February 2006 – New York. N.H. participated in discussions at the 44th Session of the Commission for  Social Development  with a speech entitled: “Poverty Eradication – Learning from the Economy of Communion Project.”

May 2006 – Geneva. To mark the "World Day for Cultural Diversity and  Dialogue for Development" a seminar was organised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in collaboration with New Humanity. The main theme of the event: pdf The principle of brotherhood in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights . Submittement of the relationships:
pdf A universal brotherhood experience: 40-years case study in Fontem, Cameroon ,
pdf Fraternity, a challenge for society (French) ,
pdf Human Dignity and Intercultural Dialogue (French)

June 2006 - New York. N.H. participated in the “High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS” with a presentation to the Congress Secretary of two contributions:
- Fraternity: a real incentive to care for HIV/ AIDS patients.
- AIDS, cervical cancer prevention and interdependence in healthcare.

High Level of the Economic and Social CouncilJuly 2006 - New York. During the ”High Level Meeting of the Economic and Social Council”, N.H. presented to ECOSOC the document pdf Eradication of poverty, hunger and misery: Economy of communion experience about the Economy of Communion project's achievements.

August 2006 - New York. New Humanity participated in the works of the 58th session of the “Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights” presenting a written statement and an oral intervention about: pdf International solidarity and the principle of fraternity .

February 2007 - Geneva. During the 4th Session of the Human Rights Council, N. H. presented a document entitled pdf “The Right to Development and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)” and a document on Human Rights and International Solidarity entitled pdf Human rights, international solidarity and the principle of fraternity .
A third document ( pdf Statement on Family for the UN Commission for Social Development ) was prepared in collaboration with New Humanity's Associates Organization "Famiglie Nuove" ("New families").

Conference about dialogue among culture and peaceFebruary 2007 - Paris. During the talks on «Dialogue between Cultures and Peace» N.H. collaborated with UNESCO's “Joint Programmatic Commission ” (JPC) on the organization of a seminar on "Multiple Identity, strength or obstacle in life in common?".

February 2007 - New York. , N.H. participated in the works of the 45th session of the Social Development Commission with a document on the theme of the family, presented in collaboration with its Associate "Famiglie Nuove Movement" entitled: pdf New Roles for Today’s Family .
In addition, on the occasion of the session entitled: "A dignified job for everyone", New Humanity presented the document “Employing People from Challenged Populations: Public-Private Collaboration” and organized a side event with the  pdf Tassano Consortium Presentation .

Hight level ECOSOC meeting with Bretton Woods institutions WTO and UNCTADApril 2007 - New York. On the occasion of the “High level Meeting of the Economic and Social Council" with the Bretton Woods Institutions, WTO and UNCTAD”, N.H. participated with a speech from Mr. Francis Ganzon, President of the Philippians Rural Bankers Association and partner in the Economy of Communion Project. The speech stressed the importance of micro-finance as an instrument for development highlighting, too, its results, with a return 50 times better than normal investment in the Philippines.

June 2007 - Vienna. 7° UN Global Forum on “Reinventing Government”. The President of New Humanity is invited by the Division for Public Administration and Development Management to present a paper on  pdf Building Trust through Public-Private Partnership .

November 2007 - Rio de Janeiro. Summit on the Information Society with an IGF (Internet Governance Forum) meeting. 4 experts from New Humanity were present and gave a presentation on the positive role of the Internet in Teens4Unity (the focolare Movement's youth section) activities.

December 2007- Geneva. Two New Humanity experts participated in the deliberations of the Human Rights Council and signed, with the others NGOs, a document on the "Human Right to Peace."

High Level Task Force sabout the Right to developmentJanuary 2008 - Geneva. N.H. participated in the deliberations of the “High Level Task Force on the Right to Development”, particularly focused on highlighting the link between the Right to Development and Millennium Goals, paying specific attention to the promotion of global partnerships for development.

February 2008 - Paris. At the UNESCO seat N.H. experts on the Economy of Communion project, in collaboration with the FIDESCO NGO organized the symposium: "From micro-credit to the Economy of Communion". The event took place with the support of UNESCO's MOST Program, the presence of over 500 attendees (and a great many young people) and heard contributions and experiences from UNESCO personalities, entrepreneurs, an ethical bank, and from cultural and social associations.

February 2008 - Geneva. During the works of the 7th session of the Human Rights Council,N.H. presents a written document entitled: pdf “Youth situation in Congo and children rights” (French) .

International Congress Sport Incredible Lets switch on fraternityMarch 2008 – Rome. International Congress “Sport in-Credible- setting fraternity in motion”, with the patronage of UNESCO and in collaboration with the New Humanity Associate “Sportmeet”. 420 participants from 38 Countries; cultural offerings from 12 European Universities; athlete's testimonies , sports associations; social sports projects; awareness-building initiatives for peace through sport and play.

March 2008 - Geneva. To coincide with the work of the UN Human Rights Council on Intercultural and Inter-religious Dialogue, N.H an the international NGO OIDEL organized the symposium "Intercultural and Inter-religious Dialogue: What are the proposals?". In attendance were several representatives of state, and others from NGOs, as well as experts from academia and cultural associations. Particularly appreciated were the 3 contributions recounting experiences in Algeria, Lebanon and Italy with their testimonials of positive co-operation between Christians and Muslims in a climate of mutual esteem.

UN High level meeting about AIDSMay 2008 - UNESCO's General Director announced that New Humanity has been included amongst those NGOs in operational relations with UNESCO. This conferment of status came as recognition for the long-standing collaboration between N.H. and UNESCO in the fields of social economy, communication, sport and peace awareness-building activities.

June 2008 - New York. In collaboration with the international NGOs AVSI and Matercare and the Holy See Representation in New York, New Humanity organised a symposium on the occasion of the UN High Level Meeting on AIDS. The New Humanity project in Cameroon regarding the prevention of mother-to-child AIDS transmission was presented together with AVSI and Matercare's reports.

August 2008 - Geneva. During the course of the 9th Session of the Human Rights Council, N.H. presented a written document and a made a presentation on Human Rights and International Solidarity entitled:  pdf The principle of fraternity as the basis of “third-generation rights”. A practical example of intern .

2008- N.H. participated in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in India.
ICT Activities with Act now AllianceSince 2006 New Humanity has been a member of the Act Now Alliance, an association for coordination between NGOs and Humanitarian Organizations whose objective it is to increase the common use of communication instruments. With financing from ESA (European Space Agency) and in collaboration with three NGOs (St. Egidio Community, LATS and AMU- a development NGO, and associate of New Humanity), a satellite dish installation program has been completed in Cameroon in order to support two hospitals and a number of schools.
Another project is now under way in the city of Man (Ivory Coast). This project is promoted by a group of firms and NGOs (amongst which AMU) and coordinated by the Dutch Center of Telecommunications Research TNO. One of the most important goals in these projects is, in collaboration with the UNESCO, that of developing a reference model for the development of projects which enhance Africa's skills collectively, through the use of satellite technologies, capacities, in collaboration with the UNESCO.

Engagement after Tsunami 20042008 - Various initiatives undertaken by New Humanity with NGOs New Families Movement and Action for a United World in support of the Millennium Development Goals in Africa, Asia, Central and South America and Eastern Europe.

May 2009 - Geneva. New Humanity answered to a questionnaire prepared by the Independent Expert on Human Rights and International Solidarity about pdf Human Rights and International Solidarity .

September 2009 - Geneva. During the discussion at the Human Rights Council, N.H. participates in the "Interactive Dialogue about Relationships", with an intervention of Mr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, Representative of New Humanity in Geneva:  pdf Interactive Dialogue on the Report of Mr. R. Rizki, IE on Human Rights and International Solidarity
A written statement was also submitted:  pdf International solidarity and eradication of poverty .

November 2009 - Sharm El Sheik. New Humanity  participated actively in the meeting of the ’Internet Governance Forum (IGF) held in Sharm El Sheik (Egypt), in collaboration with the group of NGOs “Act Now Alliance” of which the Association “Net-One”, a New Humanity associate, is also a member.
In particular, the ongoing project  of communication networks via satellite for some development projects, carried out in collaboration with the European Space Agency, was presented. Elizabeth Douglas of New Humanity coordinated the workshop round table which saw the participation of experts and representatives from governments and NGOs.

United World week 2010May 2010 – The United World Week 2010 took place with the patronage of UNESCO (successfully applied for by New Humanity). Organized by the movement Youth for a United World, it started in Hungary  on 1st May and concluded in India on 9th May.

December 2010 – New York. In collaboration with UNDESA (UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs), and with reference to Internet Governance Forum (IGF), a document was presented for the consultations on the WSIS (World Summit of Information Society), containing some recommendations on how to involve civil society to a greater extent, both nationally and locally, highlighting the need for concrete action by Governments.

2011-2015. Word spreads

The role of international organisations at the Human rights council Genevra 2011April 2011 – Castelgandolfo (Rome). Under the patronage of UNESCO, the Convention “Sport moves people, moves ideas”, organized by Sportmeet (a New Humanity associate), and with the collaboration of the NGO Azione Mondo Unito (AMU), was held.

June 2011 - Geneva. In Meeting Room IX of the UN Palais des Nations in Geneva, the seminar “The role of International Organizations before the Human Rights Council” takes place.
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14th September 2011 - Geneva. In conjunction with the Human Rights Council, N.H.andsome other associationsorganisedaParallel Event, about International solidarity development and MDG. The new Independent Expert on Human Rights and International Solidarity Ms. Virginia Dandan participated at this event.
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19-20 September 2011 - New York. In occasion of the UN General Assembly in New York, during the High Level Meeting about "Prevention and control of the un-transmissible diseases".  New Humanity's experts in health diseases Mrs Laura Falchi and Mrs M.Cristina Canavese, presented a document about the "Tuomor's diffusion in the Developing Countries".

UNESCOs interactive meeting about the culture of dialogue11 October 2011 - Paris. In occasion of the UNESCO's Symposium about the "Dialogue Culture", as New Humanity's representatives, Prof. Martin Nkafu Nkemnkia made an intervention entitled "Joined values of the Dialogue between cultures".
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November 2011 - Paris. UNESCO's General Conference (25/11 – 10/12 2011) introduced new directives about the partnership between UESCO and NGOs. According to this, New Humanity is recognised as a UNESCO's partner with Consultative Status.

February 2012 - New York. In occasion of the 50th session of the UN Commission for Social Development, submitted by New Humanity and the youth of Economy of Communion project documents: "Poverty Eradication: Ongoing Developments in The Economy of Communion in Freedom Project" and "From Sao Paulo to the World"
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Together for Europe 2012May 2012 - Brussels. For Europe Day, the 300 movements involved in the “Together for Europe” network brought the Contributions of Christian movements and communities to today’s Europe". 130 cities were involved. At the same time, Teens4Unity promoted Run4unity, their worldwide relay race. New Humanity was involved in the preparation of both events.
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May 2012 - Paris. Dr. Lívia Negrão, Professor of Ethno-Musicology at the University of the State of Parà (Brazil) and member of New Humanity, presented at the Joint Programmatic Commission on Intercultural Dialogue and Peace a conference entitled: "Why invest in intercultural dialogue in a course to obtain a music diploma in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest?”
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June 2012 - Rio de Janeiro. To tie in with the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro, from 20th to 22th June 2012, New Humanity organized, in the Brazilian metropolis, a round table on the Environment. This event was arranged in collaboration with EcoOne Association.

June 2012 - Geneva. On the occasion of the 20th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, New Humanity organized, at the Palais des Nations, the conference "The Role of Non-governmental Organizations in Development", in collaboration with the Catholic Inspired NGOs Forum based at the UN Headquarters in Geneva.
During the round table "Quality of education: multiple challenges?", organized by the "NGO Platform for the Right to Education" also Mr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira (Main Representative of New Humanity in Geneva) gave his contribution.
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Launch of the UWP at the Genfest 2012September 2012 - Budapest. 12,000 "Youth for a United World" (the youth section of New Humanity), from 80 Countries all over the world animated the great event “Genfest 2012-Let's Bridge pdf Two oral messagges from Katalin Bogyay - President of the General Conference of the UNESCO - were delivered during the event.
During the Genfest, the United World Project was launched and is now seeing the "Youth for a United World" working to underline the importance of the universal fraternity and spreading it at every level.
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September 2012 - Geneva. N.H.'s contribution to the side-event to the twenty-first regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council was significant. Dr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira - the main Representative of New Humanity in Geneva- was the chairman of the consultation between the I.E. for International Solidarity and Human Rights, Mrs. Virginia Dandan, and the main NGOs operating in this field, in order to prepare a United Nations Draft Declaration on the right of peoples and individuals to international solidarity.
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Che sarebbe litalia senza le cittaOctober 2012 - Geneva. At the Social Forum 2012, New Humanity was represented by three experts: Maria Giovanna Pietropaolo, Davide Bilardi and Marco Provenzale; while Dr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira spoke on the subject of  pdf Psychological Crisis and Development (French), before the conclusion of the event.
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November 2012 - Genoa. "What would Italy be without its cities?" From 30 November to 2 December citizens and representatives of local government examined and debated questions of the common good and of  citizenship.
Among the organizers of the event were: Genoa city council, the Association of Mayors, "Città per la Fraternità" (Cities for Fraternity) and two New Humanity's partners: the Movimento Politico per l'Unità (Political Movement for Unity) and the Movimento Umanità Nuova (New Humanity Movement).
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General Conference of NGOs partner of the unesco 2012December 2012 - Paris. As one such organization holding UNESCO consultative status, New Humanity also participated in the General Conference of the UNESCO partner NGOs. The over 300 in attendance represented 129 NGOs. The Conference was also called upon to elect Liaison Committee of the UNESCO NGOs (CLONG), the body which liaises between the officially recognised NGOs and UNESCO.
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February 2013 - Paris. On the afternoon of Friday 22nd February, a delegation of Youth for a United World (New Humanity's youth section), met H. E. Bogyay, President of the UNESCO General Conference. In the course of the meeting, the Y4UW thanked Ms Katalin Bogyay for her precious talkat their international meeting held in Budapest, last summer: Genfest 2012. They also presented to her the activities which are now being promoted in all those countries where Youth for a United World is present.
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Conference Chiara Lubich and the religionsMarch 2013 - Rome. Five years on from the death of Chiara Lubich, founder of New Humanity and the focolari Movement, over 600 participants, including university lecturers, scholars, researchers, doctoral students and undergraduates, from every part of the world, retraced the evolution of, and recent developments relating to her spiritual doctrine. The conference was organized by New Humanity, Cittànuova and Sophia University Institute in the Aula Magna of "Sapienza" University in Rome (Italy) on 14th March 2013.
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April 2013 - Chicago. "Division. Greed. Alienation. Apathy. Ready for a change?" That was the slogan of the Expo 2013, organized by the New Humanity Movement at the Sheraton O'Hare Airport Hotel, Chicago (April 27-28).
This event was a multidisciplinary laboratory, in order to promote a positive change, inspired by the values of solidarity, generosity and fraternity
Official website of the event

Be the Bridge in JerusalemMay 2013 - Jerusalem. With 200 New Humanity youngsters (Youth for a United World)  from 20 countries to enliven proceedings, from 24th April to 1st May 2013 "Be the Bridge!", the youth workshop for the analysis and promotion of universal fraternity was held in the Holy Land.
The event saw the young participants actively involved in excursions to the most significant places in the Holy Land, in artistic and musical workshops and in moments for reflection on the subject of universal fraternity.
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May 2013 - Geneva. New Humanity and other 7 Catholic Organizations of the Working Group on the Right to Development and International Solidarity are authors of the Joint Oral General Statement to be Delivered in conjunction with the 14th Session of the Intergovernmental Working Group on the Right to Development wich held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on 13-17 May 2013.
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June 2013 - Geneva. In occasion of the 23rd Regular Session of the Human Rights Council (27 May / 14 June 2013), New Humanity and others NGOs delivered an Oral Statement entitled: The right to International Solidarity and the Post 2015 UN Development Agenda.
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Learning Fraternity banner3September 2013 - Rome. Learning Fraternity is the important Education conference-workshop which took place in Castel Gandolfo (Rome) from 6th to 8th September 2013. “Education and Globalization” and “Education and Relation” were the two themes which were addressed in a variety of stands and workshops. New Humanity was among the promoters.
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September 2013 - Geneva. Two young New Humanity participated at the 19th edition of the Summer Course promoted by Henry Dunant University College. The title of that edition was: "Preparing the post-2015: a development based on Human Rights".
Called on, from 9th to 13th September in Geneva, to reflect upon the future of Human Rights, for our young representatives the event was a unique opportunity to broaden their perspectives and offer an active contribution.
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Right to Devevelopment and post 2015 agenda 2September 2013 - Geneva. Dr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, New Humanity's Main Representative in Geneva,  chaired the side event to the  24th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council  entitled: "Right to Development and the Post-2015 Agenda".
The event took place on 13th  September in conference room XXVII of the Palais des Nations and was organized  jointly by New Humanity and Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII (APG23), Caritas Internationalis and Dominicans for Justice and Peace (Order of preachers).
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October 2013 - Paris. On October the 17th UNESCO celebrated the International Day for the eradication of Poverty at its Headquarters in Paris.
New Humanity Delegation in Paris offered its contribution to the event, together with other NGOs (as ATD Quarto Mondo and AIC). New Humanity presented an Oral Declaration by Mr. Adelmo Galindo, from Brazil.
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Youth for a United World at the UNESCOs youth forum 2013November 2013 - Paris. From 29th to 31st October 2013, Paris played host to the eighth UNESCO Youth Forum. 500 young participants assembled there to discuss "Youth and Social Inclusion: Civic Engagement, Dialogue and Skills Development".
For the first time, the event saw the involvement of a delegation of youth section of New Humanity (Youth for a United World), inspired by the work they have been undertaking with the United World Project: their initiative to promote the ideal of universal fraternity all over the world.
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January 2014 - Rome. International Meeting on "Natural Relationality and Environmental Awareness" started an open and transdisciplinary dialogue on how to respect nature and value human creativity. The meeting took place in Castelgandolfo (Rome), 4 - 6 of April 2014. It was organized by EcoOne Association, in collaboration with New Humanity, Sophia University Institute, AMU ngo and Youth for a United World Movement. Official supporters of the event were the Representation in Italy of the European Commission, ENEA and Live Oil.
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February 2014 - The Let's Bridge Project was promoted by New Humanity and co-funded by the European Union as part of the Youth in Action Programme. From 2012 to 2014 it has involved nearly 2,000 youngsters, including 500 from disadvantaged backgrounds - through  Youth Initiatives, Exchanges and Seminars – familiarizing them with the values of a common Europe and establishing a stable European-wide network.
more information about the project
Website of this Project

March 2014 - The Youth Dice Project is inaugurated. It is the European Project (co-financed by the Youth in Action Programme), which promotes the empowerment of young people in the EU to become driving forces in their own personal and professional development contributing to social cohesion and inclusive growth.
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Conference Chiara Lubich and religionsMarch 2014 - Rome. On 20th March 2014 over 500 participants from 32 nations around the world, representing 8 religions, wished to provide joint testimony of the dialogue opened by the charisma in unity of Chiara Lubich, founder of New Humanity and prominent figure in the present-day reality of interfaith dialogue. The event was preceded  by a three-day seminar which saw the participation of  250 people from 25 countries.
The conference was held with the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, of UNESCO, of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, of Roma Capitale, and of  Religion for Peace.
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March 2014 - Geneva. On 21st March, Room XXIV of the Palais des Nations hosted the seminar entitled "International System of Human Rights – Role of Holy See and Catholic inspired NGOs at the UN". Organized by the New Humanity in Geneva delegation and by the  Forum of Catholic-inspired NGOs, the event enjoyed the participation of 60 young students from all over the world and members of New Humanity.
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Working for UN declaration over right to developmentMarch 2014 - Madrid. On 29th and 30th March 2014 Madrid was the venue for a study seminar on Human Rights and International Solidarity aimed at contributing to the formulation of a Declaration on the human rights and of individuals to international solidarity, which the Human Rights Council was currently undertaking. It is an issue which New Humanity has been studying for a considerable time. The first  presentation made to the Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights dates as far back as August 2006.
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April 2014 - Geneva. On the morning of  4th  April 2014, at the bar des Délégués in the Palais des Nations, the Forum of Catholic-inspired NGOs present in Geneva held a debate with numerous representatives from the national delegations and UN agencies entitled: “How to advance the Right to Development: our vision”.
Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, New Humanity's Main Representative at the Palais des Nations, was in attendance.
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Sharing with Africa in NairobiMay 2014 - Nairobi. The launch of the 2014 United World Week (UWW) was held from 1st to 9th of May and coincided with a pdf major event in Nairobi (Italian) from 25th  April to 5th May. Wiht the UWW New Humanity's youth (Y4UW) promotes a large collection of initiatives to promote  universal fraternity all around the world. The opening event of this edition was linked to the Sharing with Africa Project, promoted by Y4UW on the  African continent and it was the occasion for the launching of the first edition of the Atlas of universal fraternity. Sponsored by New Humanity, it is a report containing 800 fragments of fraternity, acts of courage which multiply in cities building bridges among people, groups and cultures, opening roads to dialogue and indicating  new paths for communities to follow.
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July 2014 - Abidjan. It took place in Abidjan the 30th and 31st of July 2014 the important event of the UNESCO's Partner NGOs international Forum. There was also New Humanity among the 24 ngos which were promoting the event. It was entitled "Water acession for all in Africa, a Fundamental Human Right - Women and children as protaagonists of these Objective". During the conference, Mr Patrick Moulo shared his experience. Moreover, a special contribution was delivered by Mrs Chantal Grevin, main representative of New Humanity at the UNESCO and a ngo's delegation visited an health center promoted by New Humanity in the city of Man.
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August 2014 - The Youth for a United World Movement (the Youth dimension of New Humanity) on the 15th of August 2014 promote their initiative: "Dialogue to Unlock". It is part of their project of pomotion of the value of fraternity all over the world (United World Project) and it is aimed to remember the several conflicts which are still embloding many part of the world and to promote the active engagement of everybody for a more fraternal world.
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Interactive meeting about children and religionSeptember 2014 - Geneva. On 18th  September 2014, a Discussion on “The Child and Religion” was held at the International Bureau of Education in Geneva. The event also saw the participation of Dr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, Main Representative of New Humanity in Geneva, with a speech entitled: pdf “The objectives of education in the Convention on the Rights of the Child: a pedagogical view” (French) .
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October 2014 - Geneva. On 30th October 2014, in the Library of the Palais des Nations, the conference "Hope or Utopia? The Civilization of  Love" took place. The event marked the celebration of the figure of Pope Paul VI at the UN, through the presentation of the book "The civilization of love according to Paul VI" and the participation of important authorities and academics. Also present was Dr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, Main Representative of New Humanity in Geneva, who, on behalf of his NGO, gave the closing speech.
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Conference the civilisation of loveDecember 2014 - In the occasion of the 64th UN International Day of Human Rights - 10th December - UNIRedes launched its "Action Plan for a more Fraternal and Cohesive World." The Manifesto has been signed by all the 50 Associations from 12 Countries of Latin America and Carribean which are part of this network and share the same engagement into the promotion of a new culture of fraternity. Many of these association collaborate with New Humanity and share the same aims and values.
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January 2015 - Rome. New Humanity and its represented organisation Right and Communion organised the conference "Fraternity and the new Slaveries: A Challenge for the Human Rights". This event took place the 31st of January 2015. Doct. Vera Araujo introduced the theme "Not slaves anymore, but brothers and sisters" and doct. Giovanni Caso intervened about "Historical and juridical profiles for slavery and new forms of slavery". Doct. Carlo Fusco moderated the event.
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February 2015 - Rome. "Working for Fraternity" was organised by the New Humanity Movement (part of New Humanity International NGO) from 12th to 17th of February 2015. This Workshop-School was aimed to reflect and dialogue with around 500 participants from all the five continents over the correlation among fraternity and various actual themes and to share several concrete experiences about their daily engagement for a more fraternal world.
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March 2015. The Political Movement for Unity (represented organisation of New Humanity) organised "Politics for Unity". This event took place from 12th to 15th March 2015 in order to remember Chiara Lubich on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of her departure. It has been an opportunity to analyse the contribution her charism could give to the politics fields. In New York, Strasbourg, London, Nairobi, Seoul, Rome,... and many other cities, Politics for Unity discussed about challenges to the contemporary politics and  question how the ideal of fraternity could contribute to its own empowerment.
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Grevin at the EPMarch 2015 - Strasbourg. Mrs. Chantal Grevin - the main representative of New Humanity at the UNESCO in Paris - intervene to a Round-table at the European Parliament of Strasbourg entitled: "Welcome each other in Europe: a call to NON discrimination." the event was organised by the "Religion for Peace" NGO.
Download: pdf  Intervention of Grevin at the European Parliament (French)

April 2015 - Geneva. A series of Regional Consultations on the Proposed Draft Declaration on the right of peoples and individuals to international solidarity has been held at the Palais des Nations in Geneve, with the aim of obtaining inputs for the Independent Expert Ms Dandan (20-21 of April). The Additional Representative of NH in Geneva, Mrs Ether Salamanca, also participated, as an expert of international law. She presented an intervention about pdf  Integrating Human Rights in International Cooperation . Mr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira - main representative of New Humanity in Geneva - was also present.
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Maria Voce al dibattito ad alto livello su tolleranza e riconciliazione 2April 2015 - Ms Maria Voce, President of the focolari Movement - on which spirituality New Humanity inspired its actions - participated to the UN high-level thematic debate (New York, 21-22 April 2015) on tolerance and reconciliation. She presented an Oral Statement on which she underlined the importance of fraternity as an answer to religious extremism and of religions as important actors in  the realisation of one universal human family.
Video of the Intervention;

April 2015 - Geneva. Mr. Davide Bilardi - Additional Representative of New Humanity in Geneva - participated to the 16th session of the Working Group on the Right to Development in Geneva (27th-28th of April).
This session was specifically aimend to consider, revise and refine the draft right to development criteria and corresponding operational sub-criteria.
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Living Peace A Path of Peace EducationMay 2015 - Cayrus Project of New Humanity ended in Egypt with a final event from the 30th of April to the 6th of May. The project was co-financed by the Erasmus + Program and it was implemented by 11 youth NGOs from 8 European and Middle Eastern Countries. It involved 60 youngsters into a creative promotion of Human Rights and the active building of Peace.
At the end of the Project, they focused on what they have learned during the previous days, participating to the third Living Peace Festival in Cairo.
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June 2015 - Ms Virginia Dandan - the Independent Expert on Human Rights and International Solidarity - invited the Civil Society Organisations to deliver their inputs on a Draft Declaration about this theme. The event has been held on the 16th of June, at the Room XXIII of the Palais des Nations in Geneva. New Humanity presented its inputs through the two interventions of Mrs Maria Esther Salamanca Aguado and Mr Davide Bilardi.
pdf Download the Intervention of Mrs Salamanca

dott. Singh e Juan Garcia GutierrezJune 2015 - Geneva.On the 19 th of June, New Humanity met - together with other NGOs - Mr Kishore Singh, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education. Mr Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, the main Representative of New Humanity in Geneva, presented an analysis about the Mr Singh's last Reports. It have been also presented a Written Statement prepared by Mr Juan Garcia Gutierrez. He is in the photo with Mr Singh and he is the Additional Representative of New Humanity and Professor at the School of Education of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Madrid.
pdf Download the Written Statement of Mr Gutierrez (170 KB) (Spanish)

June 2015 - Geneva. The last 23th of June 2015 New Humanity's Delegation in Geneva organised a Conference about the "International System of Human Rights and the Role of Holy See and Catholic Inspired NGO’S at the U.N." This event has been held at the Room VIII of the Palais des Nations especially for the fifty youngsters of New Humanity from 27 World Countries and it was organised together with the other Catholic Inspired NGOs in Geneva.
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June 2015 - Paris. Which is the role of women in fighting poverty? On the next 30th of June New Humanity presented at the UNESCO an example of field of actions about this topic, promoted by Koz Kazah Association, its Egyptian partner. The statement of New Humanity has been presented by Mrs Chantal Grevin - the main Representative of New Humanity in Paris - in occasion of the Fourth Forum of NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO, which was centered on this theme.
pdf Download the Field of Actions Presented by Mrs Grevin (131 KB) (French)

Click to enlarge image Logo_Yuste.jpgJuly 2015 - Cáceres. The Summer Camp of the International Project "YUSTE - Youth Up, Sharing Talent for Europe" has been held in Cáceres (Spain) from 4 to 12 of July 2015. It has been promoted by New Humanity and six other European Organisations and it has been financed by the Erasmus + Programme. Young participants (17-25 yars old) come from Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Lithuania. They discovered in a funny and creative way the values of diversity and of collaboration to the European process of integration.
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September 2015 - Geneva. New Humanity and the other Organisation composing the CINGO Forum relaunched the Right to Education in occasionof the Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.
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October 2015- Luxembourg.The 2nd of October 2015, New Humanity received the important Luxembourg Peace Prize 2015 at the European Parliament, Luxembourg.
The Prize has been awarded by the World Peace Forum, recognising New Humanity's engagement into peace promotion during the last years. This has been done especially throught the organisation of the Living Peace Project in partnership with the Rowad American College in Cairo.
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Climate change action day Paris, 6 ottobre 2015October 2015 - Paris. The NGO Action day on Climate Change took place on the 6th of October 2015. This event involved around 40 NGOs in official relations with the UNESCO and also New Humanity offered an important contribution. Mrs Chantal Grevin - the main Representative of New Humanity in Paris - actively intervened especially during the collective development of a common declaration presented in occasion of the annual Conference of Parties (COP21), centered on climate change.
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October 2015.#SignUP for Peace is the title for the Campain for Peace promoted by the Youth for a United World - the Youth Section of New Humanity. It is based on 5 main requests: To reduce the production of armaments (weapons) using public funds; To get to the roots of inequality to combat extreme poverty; To review the current models of governance; To adopt a model of organized lawfulness in opposition to criminal phenomena like drug dealing, human trafficking and the illegal exploitation of the environment; To guarantee a level of universal primary education in order to allow the full development of human persons and their capacity for self-determination.
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October 2015. New Humanity coordinated a renewed engagement and convergence among the different subjects inspired by the Focolari Movement spirituality in favour of Migrants and Refugees. This is also an aswer to the Appeal recently launched by the Pope. Consequently, many projects and initiatives in favour of Migrants and Refugees has being implemented in many parts of the world, together with civil and religious institutions, associations and local communities.
More information on the New Humanity Association's Website

Cayrus project II Rome 01October 2015 - Rome. The second phase of the Cayrus Project has been held from the 21st to the 25th of October 2015 in Castelgandolfo, close to Rome. This Poject was co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme and it is promoted by New Humanity.
This second phase has been centered on "Launching Peace" and teached to the 60 Youth participants - from 8 countries, member states of EU and Middle East - how to promote projects and campains for peace.
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October 2015 - Paris. "Young Global Citizens for a Sustainable Planet" was the title of the  9th UNESCO Youth Forum. This event take place immediately before the 38th session of the General Conference, at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, from the 26th to the 28th of October 2015. Nancy Nanjala (Kenya) and Danilo Gomes (Brazil) has been also present at the Forum, representing all the Youth of New Humanity, the Youth for a United World Movement.
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October 2015 - Geneva. The last 28th of October, Mr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira - the main Representative of New Humanity in Geneva intervened during the "Cafe Wisdom of Humanity". This was an interreligious event entitled "Ecology and Spirituality: A New Alliance?" and organised by the Root and Sources Foundation and by the Institute of the Arab and Mediterranean Cultures.
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grevin ced congressNovember 2015 - Rome. Mrs Chantal Grevin - the main Representative of New Humanity in Paris - intervened - as an expert of international organisations - during the International Congress: "The Environment and Law: Responsibility and Participation".
This event had been organised by the Community and Law Association (partner of New Humanity) at the Mariapoli Center of Castelgandolfo (13-15 November 2015).
pdf Intervention de Grevin au Congres de l'Association Communion et Droit (134 KB)

November 2015 - Paris. Representatives of 40 UNESCO's Official NGO Partners chose to reaffirm their attachment to the promotion of a culture of peace, reacting in this way to the shock caused by the latest fundamentalist attacks in Paris. They organised a moment of meditation in the main hall of the UNESCO's Headquarters, on the 18th of November at 1 p.m. It was the occasion to read some texts by various people awarded witht the Nobel Prize for Peace and they concluded this moment with a minute for silence. Mrs Chantal Grevin - the main representative of New Humanity in Paris - was attending the cerimony.
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COP 21December 2015 - Paris. Mrs Chantal Grevin - the main representative of New Humanity in Paris - attended the "NGOs Day", the last 8th of December. The event has been organised at the "UNESCO's corner" during the International Conference about Climate Changes COP 21.
It has been the occasion to deeply present the Declaration Against Climate Change prepared by the UNESCO's NGO Partners.
pdf NGOs Declaration Against Climate Change (328 KB)

December 2015 - Madrid. The main goals of this Meeting were: to inform, to dialogue and to make new proposals in order to answer to the actual European Refugees crises. The event had been held the last 12th of December at the "Mariapolis Center Luminosa", Las Matas (Madrid) and it had been organised by New Humanity and other Spanish partner associations which are very interested in the areas of politics and active citizenship. During the event it intervened also Mrs Yolanda Feal San Martín - former delegate at the Red Cross International Committee.
She has been interviwed by Mrs Esther Salamanca - representative of New Humanity in Geneva.
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New Humanity al Wsis+10 a New YorkDecember 2015 - New York. The UN's General Assembly High-level Meeting on the overall review of the implementation of the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society in 2005 (WSIS+10) has been taken place at the UN Headquarters in New York ( 15-16 December 2015 ). After its participation into the WSIS 2005 and the following events, New Humanity has been also present at this important event with an international delegation composed by six experts in this field.
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2016-2017. History day by day

January 2016 - Geneva. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, served as General Moderator for this Special Event to present the encyclical, "Laudato Si: Caring for Our Common Home". The event was co-organised by the Forum of Catholic-Inspired NGOs (CINGO) and the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See in Geneva.
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OnCity 2016April 2016 - Rome. "OnCity" gathered 800 participants from all over the world in order to reflect about Dialogue, as a lifestyle and as an approach to face the contemporary challenges; active citizenship, as a resource for the cities; networking, as a tool to share good practices and more solidar and liveable cities.
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April 2016 - Geneva. New Humanity and the other Catholic Inspired NGOs active in Geneva supported the Focolari Movement and the World Council of Churches on the organisation of a round table to analyse the historical European experience and to identify and point out the better values and ideals to contribute to overcame the present crisis and to arrange the future of Europe.
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Europe Idendity and ValuesApril 2016 - Madrid."EducationandUnity" (EdU) organised a three-days-long meeting in order to present "an Inclusive and Solidar Education". Many of its experts contributed to this event.
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April 2016 - Geneva. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira of New Humanity duringthe presentation of OIDEL Report "The Freedom of Education Index" and of UNESCO Document "Rethinking Education: Towards a Common Good?"
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April 2016 - Geneva. Prof. Davide Bilardi represented New Humanity during the seventeenth session of the Working Group on the Right to Development and Contributed to Relaunch the UN Agenda on the Right to Development.

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UWW 2016 in QuitoMay 2016 - Quito. ""Link Culture - A path for Peace" is the title of the main event of the United World Week (UWW) 2016. In 2016, the main event has been organised at the Equador's capital city, some weeks after that a tremendous hearthquake hit the Country. It has been a unique occasion to "ask again with a renovate strenght unity and peace for our people".
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June2016 - Geneva. On th occasion of the 32nd Oridnary Session of the UN Human Rights Council, New Humanity and the other catholic inspired NGOs in Geneva (CINGO) presented on several occasions their priorities: 1) Migrants, 2) Right to Solidarity, 3) Right to Development.
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June 2016 - Geneva. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, reflected about the role of the Catholic Church at the United Nations in Geneva with the Youth Responsibles of the salesian IIMGA NGO. It has been the occasion to speak also about his persona experience to the 10 participants from Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Philippines and Italy..
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New Humanity at Amoris Laetitia in GenevaJune 2016 - Geneva. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, delivered a question-Intervention to promote new policies for families, during the Parallel event organised by the Pontifical Council for the Family and the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See.
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July 2016 - Munich. 300 Movement and Communities, from various Churches in different European Countries gathered for their 4th General Meeting of the "Together for Europe" Network in Munich. The current edition gathered more than 1500 participants in order to discuss about Integration and Recounciliation, Solidarity, Sustainability and Environment Care, Dialogue between Christians and Muslims, Family and Marriages, Economy,...
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Declaration Reinventing PeaceOctober 2016 - Paris. On 17 December 1996 Chiara Lubich was in Paris to receive the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.  Twenty years later, in collaboration with the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to UNESCO, New Humanity remembers the founder of the Focolare Movement (from whose spirituality New Humanity draws its inspiration) with a cultural manifestation under the patronage of the UNESCO (the United Nations' Agency for Education, Science and Culture) entitled: “Reinventing Peace: Education towards a Humanism Based the Unity of the Human Family”.
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Ocotber 2016 - Geneva. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira signed on the name of New Humanity a letter to the Ambassadors for the UN Delegations in New York, reccommending to vote favorably on the Human Rights Declaration on the Right to Peace (A/RHC/RES/32/28) that has been adopted in the Third Committee of the ongoing 71th General Assembly. The letter was promoted by Associazione Comunità Papa Giovanni XXIII, IADL, the Japanese Committee for the Human Right to Peace and UNOY.
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NH Messico 5 revisedNovember 2016 - Querétaro. Nancy Avila and Abraham Arzola, two Youth for a United World – the youth branch of New Humanity – represented this NGO at the 6th international forum of NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO.  The forum's theme was “From promotion to construction of peace with NGOs”.
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November 2016 - New York. New Humanity contributed to the latest session ot the UN Commission of the Status of Women.
It collected into a writte statement various experiences from indigenous women and how they promoted the economic development of their communities.
The experiences by four different communities of indigenous women has been presented.

December 2016 - Paris. A delegation of New Humanity attended the Conference of NGOs in Partnership with the UNESCO. The conference gathered more than 100 representatives. The topic of the event was: "The challenges of the numeric revolution for the NGOs".
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April 2017 - Rome. Yearly Assembly of New Humanity 2017. Days of intense work at the New Humanity’s annual seminar assembly in Castel Gandolfo, Italy. Civil life, global citizenship, ecology, migration and refugees, inter-religious dialogue and Peace Education are only a few of the topics that were addressed during the seminar
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New Humanity presents Economy of Communion at Word BankMay 2017 - New York. At the event on "New models of interaction between the public and private actors, successes and challenges and their meaning for development finance and the eradication of poverty”, New Humanity presents the Tassano Consortium, inspired to the Economy of Communion.
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June 2017 - Geneva. 35th Regular Session of the UN Council of Human Rights. A presentation on behalf of New Humanity and other Catholic Inspired NGOs highlights the need for Right to international solidarity.
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NHRingraziaDandanJune 2017 - Geneva. Event "Right to International Solidarity: Meeting with the independent expert on the revised draft of the Declaration". Meeting with the UN expert, Dr. Virginia Dandan, to review the draft of a Declaration on the Right to International Solidarity.
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June 2017 - Geneva. New Humanity is one of the organizations co-signatories of the joint declaration of the Catholic Inspired NGOs in Geneva on unaccompanied minors, which was presented on June 15 on the occasion of the event on "Migration in Central America: migrants are not a danger, rather they are in danger", organized as a side event to the UN Human Rights Council. The proposed action plan, inspired by Pope Francis’ words, formulated nine key points.
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June 2017 - Geneva. Transhumanism and Cyberculture: Relationships between Science and Human Rights. Prof. Juan Garcia Gutierrez has been invited as main speaker, in order to guide the reflection on the ethical challenges provoked by the new technologies. The focus was especially on education and learning process of the youngest generations.
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Humura and Fabris at CUHD 2017July 2017 - Geneva. Seminar "International Solidarity: Principle or Right?" As part of the research seminar — which was focused on reflecting on the philosophical, political and juridical aspects of international solidarity — New Humanity contributed with a reflection on the specific aspects pertaining to the implications in education.
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October 2017 - Rome. A Path to Peace Education: Training Course for Animators, Teachers and Educators. In the framework of the Living Peace International Project, New Humanity and other New Humanity and other related organizations focused on themes such as the Culture to Peace and Reciprocity and explored some concrete initiatives, such as the "Dice for Peace" and the project "Let's Colour the City".
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Nsavyimana UNESCOOctober 2017 - Rome. NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee. On Friday October 6th 2017, the Committee on the UNESCO Executive Council’s PNGs held a meeting in which the three representatives of the NGO New Humanity in Paris were present. 
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November 2017 - Paris. 39th Session of the UNESCO General Conference. For the first time on its history, New Humanity delivered an oral Statement at the UNESCO General Conference of the member States. This declaration has been presented at the plenary session by Ms Chantal Grevin, permanent representative of New umanity at the UNESCO.
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Intervention GrevinNovember 2017 - Paris. 8th International Forum of NGOs partners of UNESCO. On December 7 and 8, the 8th international forum of the NGOs partners of UNESCO took place in Paris. The title - "Changing Minds, rather than the Climate", was a clear reference to the role that NGOs can play on the climate change issue.
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December 2017 - Paris. On December 7 and 8, the 8th international forum of the NGOs partners of UNESCO took place in Paris. Yves Froissart, a member of New Humanity and an environmental engineer, took part in the first panel discussion about “Ethics, Solidarity and Rights for Climate Justice”.
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December 2017 - Rome.The New Humanity main representatives took part in an important event that had the presence of representatives from over 100 NGOs, Apostolic Nuncios at different international organizations, as well as other civil and religious authorities. A small representation also had the opportunity to meet Pope Francis in person.
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