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pdf A New Cultural Model: Reciprocity in the Treatment of HIV/AIDS


Meeting of Catholic Organisations with Major Engagement in Response to HIV and AIDS

Geneva 23-26 January 2006

New Humanity Report of its new cultural model based on interpersonal reciprocity, applied to the projects by New Humanity for the prevention and care of HIV/AIDS patients, in collaboration with Medicine,Dialogue and Communion Association.

pdf Sport: a universal instrument for development and peace building


Actions of Sportmeet at ONU

Geneva, 27 May 2005

Sportmeet presentation by:

- Mr. Piergiorgio Colonnetti, Vicar of New Humanity, Presentation de l'événement (French)
- Mr. Paolo Crepaz, President of Sportmeet for a United World Association, Presentation of Sportmeet
- Mr. Giuseppe Sorgi, University of Teramo (Italy),Toward a new sports ethic
- Mr. Konrad Kleiner, University of Vienna (Austria), Peace Education through sport
- Mr. Alois Hechenberger, Sportmeet for a United World Association, Sports and universal brotherhood
- Ms. Daniela Mancini, Sportmeet for a United World Association, Sportmeet Projects
- Ms. Agnes Bernhard, Sports4Peace, Sports4Peace-Your power play for peace
-Teens4Unity AssociationTeens4Unity Association, Presentation of the main activities of Teens4Unity Assoc.

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