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dott Singh e Gutierrez - Geneve, 19 giugno 2015On the 19 th of June, New Humanity met - together with other NGOs - Mr Kishore Singh, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education. Mr Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, the main Representative of New Humanity in Geneva, presented an analysis about the Mr Singh's last Reports. It have been also presented a Written Statement prepared by Mr Juan Garcia Gutierrez. He is in the photo with Mr Singh and he is the Additional Representative of New Humanity and Professor at the School of Education of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Madrid.

pdf Download the Written Statement of Mr Gutierrez (170 KB) (Spanish)

By His Written Statement (Spanish), prof. Gutierrez underlines two issues proposed by Mr Singh on his Reports A/69/402 and A/HRC/29/30 (both aimed to protect the Right to Education from commercialisation): a) Education is a foundamental Huma Right and each State have to guarantee it; b) Education is a foundamental issue to guarantee the humanistic task of education.

Repubblica Dominicana la scuola Café con leche per uno sviluppo integrale dei bambiniDeveloping this second issue, Mr Gutierrez underlined how important is for New Humanity a constant care for the "enabling mission" of the Human Right on Education and the importance of considering each human being as a person instead of a mere economical actor.
At the end of his statement, Mr Gutierrez asks for a more care on the impact of internet and the ICTs on the Right to Education.

All the issues presented by the Written Statement of Mr Gutierrez have been proposed also during the intervention of Mr Ferreira, in the course of his meeting with Mr Singh. The main Representative of New Humanity in Geneva analysed the Report presented on the last 10th of June by the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education. He underlined the urgence of considering each human being as an end of an educational programme, instead of an economical and mercantilist mean.

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