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Querétaro: Two Young People of New Humanity attend the 6th Forum of NGOs in Partnership with UNESCO

“Let us commit ourselves to living the Golden Rule”

Querétaro (Mexico), 3-4 November 2016

NH Messico 5 revisedNancy Avila and Abraham Arzola, two Youth for a United World – the youth branch of New Humanity – represented this NGO at the 6th international forum of NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO.  The forum's theme was “From promotion to construction of peace with NGOs”.

In front of representatives of 50 NGOs, the two Mexican youths presented the various activities that Youth for a United World spearheads worldwide for the promotion of peace.

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Munich: 300 Movements Together for Europe

4th General Meeting of the "Together for Europe" Eucumenical Network

Munich, 30 June - 2 July 2016

Together for Europe 2016300 Movement and Communities, from various Churches in different European Countries gathered for this 4th General Meeting of the "Together for Europe" Network in Munich. The number of the members constantly grew during the previous events in Studtgard (2004 and 2007) and Brussels (2012) and the current edition gathered more than 1500 participants in order to discuss about Integration and Recounciliation, Solidarity, Sustainability and Environment Care, Dialogue between Christians and Muslims, Family and Marriages, Economy,...

The Focolari Movement - sharing the same fundamental values of New Humanity - is on of the promoter of this initiative.

Watch again the live streaming of the event

Youth Dice answers to Youth Unenployment and the Economical Crisis

In Partnership with the civil society and the Youth Organisations in 27 European Countries

Logo YDAfter one year, the final evaluation for the Youth Dice Project is totally positive.
This Project has been co-financed by the European Union in the contest of the Youth in Action Program and it involved around 250 young people of which 123 are disvataged.
Youth Dice promoted Youth Initiative, Exchanges and Seminars, in order to familiarise the young participants with the values of a common Europe and establishing a stable network at the European level. A key result has been the mobilisation and empowerment of young people in the EU to become driving forces in their own personal and professional development contributing to social cohesion and inclusive growth.

Website of this project

Quito: United World Week 2016 have been launched from Equador

United World Week by the Youth for a United World

1 - 11 May 2016

UWW 2016 in Quito"Link Culture - A path for Peace" is the title of the main event of the United World Week (UWW) 2016. This year, the main event has been organised at the Equador's capital city, some weeks after that a tremendous hearthquake hit the Country. It has been a unique occasion to "ask again with a renovate strenght unity and peace for our people".
As usual, the Youth for a United World - the Youth section of New Humanity - promoted also this year all over the world a long list of initiatives aimed to make visible a growing culture of fraternity. The topic of this year was interculture: to develop the dialogue among the different cultures and to aknowledge that all the human beings are equal in dignity.

Read more at the new website of the Youth for a United World

Madrid: Inclusion and Solidarity, as the Solutions to some of the main Challenges for contemporary Education

International Symposium

Complutense's University, Madrid, 21-24 April 2016

Meeting in Madrid on Education and Solidarity 2"EducationandUnity" (EdU) organised a three-days-long meeting in order to present "an Inclusive and Solidar Education". New Humanity is very active into promoting at the higher level a whole education of the human being since the very beginning and consequently many of its experts contributed to this event.

Streaming of the Event

pdf Final Notes of this event (1.01 MB)

pdf Message from the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education (205 KB)

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Brussels: An Experience from the Tragedy at the Maelbeek Metro Station

"Dialogue and brotherhood are the only response to such acts of folly"

fraternita in coroTomaso Comazzi deals in communications for New Humanity and is currently in the Belgian capital for an internship.
He shares his personal experience related to what happened yesterday in Brussels and in particular at the Maelbek station, just a short walk from where he works.

The accompanying photo depicts the Brotherhood Choir interreligious concert given less than a month ago in Brussels by a group of Christian and Islamic Association.

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Madrid: New Humanity Organises a Day of Reflection About the European Crises of Refugees

About the European Crises of Refugees

Day of Reflection - Las Matas (Madrid), 12/12/2015

RefugiadosThe main goals of this Meeting were: to inform, to dialogue and to make new proposals in order to answer to the actual European Refugees crises. The event had been held the last 12th of December at the "Mariapolis Center Luminosa", Las Matas (Madrid) and it had been organised by New Humanity and other Spanish partner associations which are very interested in the areas of politics and active citizenship.

During the event it intervened also Mrs Yolanda Feal San Martín - former delegate at the Red Cross International Committee.
She has been interviwed by Mrs Esther Salamanca - representative of New Humanity in Geneva.

International Projects: New Humanity Coordinates the Assistance for Migrants by the Focolari Movement

New Humanity helps refugeesNew Humanity is actually coordinating a renewed engagement and convergence among the different subjects inspired by the Focolari Movement spirituality in favour of Migrants and Refugees. This is also an aswer to the Appeal recently launched by the Pope.

Consequently, many projects and initiatives in favour of Migrants and Refugees has being implemented in many parts of the world, together with civil and religious institutions, associations and local communities. You can donate your contribution.

More information on the New Humanity Association's Website

"Sign Up for Peace": Let's Join the Campain for Peace and Dialogue Promoted by the Youth Section of New Humanity

#SignUP for Peace

sign up for peace#SignUP for Peace is the title for the Campain for Peace promoted by the Youth for a United World - the Youth Section of New Humanity.

It is based on 5 main requests:

  1. To reduce the production of armaments (weapons) using public funds;
  2. To get to the roots of inequality to combat extreme poverty;
  3. To review the current models of governance;
  4. To adopt a model of organized lawfulness in opposition to criminal phenomena like drug dealing, human trafficking and the illegal exploitation of the environment;
  5. To guarantee a level of universal primary education in order to allow the full development of human persons and their capacity for self-determination.


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Luxembourg: New Humanity Awarded with the World Peace Forum Prize 2015

Luxembourg Peace Price 2015

Mandela Peace Price to New HumanityThe 2nd of October 2015, New Humanity received the important Luxembourg Peace Prize 2015 at the European Parliament, Luxembourg.
The Prize has been awarded by the World Peace Forum, recognising New Humanity's engagement into peace promotion during the last years. This has been done especially throught the organisation of the Living Peace Project in partnership with the Rowad American College in Cairo.

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Cáceres: YUSTE Youth Summer Camp Offers the Tools to Design the Future of Europe

The Summer Camp of the International Project "YUSTE - Youth Up, Sharing Talent for Europe" has been held in Cáceres (Spain) from 4 to 12 of July 2015. It has been promoted by New Humanity and six other European Organisations and it has been financed by the Erasmus + Programme. Young participants (17-25 yars old) come from Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Lithuania. They discovered in a funny and creative way the values of diversity and of collaboration to the European process of integration.

For more information:

pdf YUSTE Summer Camp Leaflet (1.18 MB)
YUSTE Summer Camp Video presentation
YUSTE Summer Camp is on Facebook

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